Nomad Dance Advocates is an initiative of the Nomad Dance Academy platform for contemporary dance in the Balkan area that started in 2012 as a permanent program for advocating a more stable position of contemporary dance field in the region.

Nomad Dance Advocates is meant to be a gathering of artists and policiy and decion makers where they can communicate and exchange experiences in a different, more direct and positive way. The idea behind this is to show the world of contemporary dance to the decision makers from a different perspective. Through the perormative and less formal communication and discussions, games and art works, the representatives of ministries of cutlure, city administrations and other decision making bodies encounter artists, discover the world behind the stage and get a better insight into the potentialies of contemporary dance in today’s cultural scape.

Since 2012 Nomad Dance Advocates met in Skopje and Sofia, and on 20th and 21st October they will meet in Belgrade. The Belgrade gathering will try to engage all the participants and guests into imagining the future where dance will not be an incident, but a social practice which brings people together and create space in which we can understand and suppory each other.

The Nomad Dance Advocates in Belgrade is organized by Station Service for contemporary dance. It takes place in Magacin, the independent culture center opened in 2007 as the first and so far the only space in Belgrade available to all contemporary dance artists.


Contemporary dance scene in Serbia has been growing since 2000 with and without local support. Its various actors – organizations, artists, cultural producers, theoreticians, dance activists succeeded in securing conditions for informal education, production of new work, international artists to come and work in Serbia, international experts to visit and spread the word about our work, new generations to emerge, knowledge and experience to be produced and shared…

In the same time, no cultural policy has emerged to support and encourage this development and to foresee the future where this specific knowledge will be used. Serbia is among few European countries that have no dance policy nor a dance house, together with its neighbors Bulgaria, Macedonia, Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Nomad Dance Advocates in Belgrade 2017 will be the space for gathering and dialogue between decision-makers, politicians, artists, cultural workers and dance activists from Serbia, the Balkans, Europe and the USA.

Contemporary dance is one of the most vibrant and challenging art fields in the Balkans. It contributes to recognition of the Balkan contemporary performing arts around the world, but it also suffers from the permanent brain drain. Basic conditions and long-term support are lacking and therefore our most talented artists and professionals leave to countries offering better opportunities.

We need cultural policies which care for the working conditions, participation and transparency to maintain this dynamic sector and to make the best out of our Region’s existing alliances  such as Nomad Dance Academy.

Therefore, we call you to work on new policies for contemporary dance with us on a local, national and regional level and to improve conditions for cultural collaboration and exchange in the Balkans by:

  • transparent procedures, decision-making processes and participation of respected professionals in creation of specific policies and instruments for contemporary dance;
  • securing permanent venues for creation and presentation of contemporary dance and for developing its audiences;
  • securing structural grants for the independent organizations because this is the only way they can invest their work into real development of their fields;
  • introducing regional grants for collaboration projects in contemporary arts to allow presence and visibility of each country much more;
  • following European practice and principles of respect and collaboration with the independent culture sector.

This complex task can be done only in partnership and we are inviting you to start this work now. Make room for dance!

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